I wrote this poem during second year of B-School for Independence Day, when I had an extra-dash of deshbhakti stirring within me..Hope it stirs up some emotions for others too, even if it’s just for about a minute!

This is the saga of a Land
Besieged by a rule, long and gory
Whose determination to revolt
Is a long-remembered struggle story

A nation stood up against a monarch
Fighting for their right to be free
Fighting to make the country
The sovereign that we wanted to be

At the helm of this iconic struggle
Was the movement of Non co-operation
One single man stood at the forefront
He was the Father of the nation

Revolutionaries were born, bravery was proven
Our anger erupted in the revolt of 1857
Sacrifices of the common man were immense
For the country, in the name of independence

They used guns and ammunition
Passion and truth became our insignia
When they struggled against our rebellion
We told them,  ‘Time’s up, Quit India’

They came, saw and conquered
But they left deflated, with their egos injured
The fact that we challenged the British administration
Has been forever etched into the memories of the their civilization

A nation we are, proud and unified
An explosive struggle we fought, dignified
And then the colonial rule finally broke
While the world slept, our nation awoke

Today however, as a country, we might be
We are a sovereign, strong and intense
Here we are, still standing, still free
Celebrating 65 years of independence


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