I wish I was a crystal of sand
Shining away in resplendent glory
Lying on the earth of a forgotten civilization
In the middle of some desert land

I wish I was a little leaf
Dark green, wavy edged and smooth
Wet by a white waterfall

I wish I was a droplet of dew
Resting on the soft petals of a delicate yellow rose
On a sleepy Friday morning

I wish I was the wind
Floating over grey pebbles and rocks
Of a brittle, rocky desert
Stretching away for miles

I wish I was the stillness of the atmosphere
Sitting in the depths of a dark green rainforest
With the sweet smell of the wet soil accompanying me

I wish I was a deep valley
With golden yellow rocks on either side
Glowing in the deep red of the setting sun

I wish I were a snowflake
Resting among thousands of others
On the needle leaves of a fir tree
In the middle of a snow white landscape

I wish I could stay out all night
Watching the cloudless, star-lit sky
Seeing the heavens as they opened up
Wishing for things that come and just go by

Today bittersweet thoughts live beyond their time
When I stand, kicking the dust at my feet
As I survive, shaken in my wake
When I see dreams and reality meet

Today I live another day
Watching the misty hills kindle my imagination
The dead leaves being blown away
The air rent with the noises of the civilization
A sea of humanity stretched to as far as I can see
The dark grey sky looming overhead
With the realization dawning on me
That I’m living with things I got instead

I see myself walking down a dark boulevard
With the tall, thick trees looming beside
But when I close my eyes I know
That my heart is where my dreams reside


One Comment Add yours

  1. Niraj says:

    Awesome stuff, Malu 🙂 Loved the poem. Good luck with the blog 🙂

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