The Far Side Of Freedom



Grisly images clouded his head
As he remembered the graves of the dead
He crept up the abandoned rail yard
Fearing for his life and eternally scarred
His eyes focussed to as far as he could see
Not seeing the crouching enemy

As he saw his comrades arrive
He ran with the resolve of staying alive
He lunged forward with his hopes grim
But caught on to the rope, the last fire behind him
His foe stared at the scene, agape
Cursing, as the soldier made his escape

As the fighter sat stunned, thinking of all he’d seen
Recalling the haunting memories of the graves and mines
He’d always remember, for as long as he lived
That he had survived, behind enemy lines


6 Comments Add yours

  1. skarri says:

    Really well written Mala!

  2. Anshu says:

    Pretty good, dude. Why do I get to read it only after SO many people? :/

  3. Sneh says:

    Wow… impressive Maluu,, !! Am so proud of you.. well written piece!

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