One Fine Day

This poem has been written for the DP Writing Challenge (Poetry) and NaPoWriMo.


The feeling of leisure set in quickly
Not a single speck of white in the skies
That bright summer’s morning
Was no less than living in paradise

But the sweltering heat stilled the atmosphere
The long days slowly dragged by
As the people longed for respite
Dark grey clouds gathered in the sky

Suddenly the heavens opened up
Catching everyone off-guard
Urchins revelled in the rain
Dancing down the wet boulevard

Waterfalls flowed in the hills
The rain drenched the trees and picket fences
The sweet smell of the wet soil
Seemed to fill the senses

As the damp undercurrents faded away
A lovely melancholy hung in the air
The countryside turned shades of orange
Autumn leaves lay scattered everywhere

A scurry of squirrels hoarded nuts
Even as jackdaws and carrions flew around
As the autumn foliage dried up, crisp
The first specks of white fell on the ground

Suddenly, the world froze
Swathed in a thick snowy sheet
In some corner of the world
A lone coyote ran across the street

Beautiful and harsh, glittering and frosty
Winter withdrew and the tellurians survived
Dreary, as the world trudged back to life,
The first colour of the season arrived

Clusters of yellow
Nestled in the leaves, green
Blossoms grew on every branch
The blue sky visible in between

The wind whistled through the leaves
The sunlight danced on the thoroughfare
Somewhere a bird or two tweeted
A bustling quietness hung in the air

As the first shoot came into sight
I saw the last leaf of winter disappear
And the suddenly dancing milieu told me
That spring was finally here



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