The Three Green Twigs

This poem has been written for the DP Writing Challenge (Poetry) and NaPoWriMo.

Adapted from: Three Green Twigs (Household tales, by Brothers Grimm)

An old hermit lived his life peacefully
At the foot of a huge, dry hill
He carried water to the animals up the knoll
Earning the lord’s goodwill

One day he happened to see
A sinner standing at death’s door
“There, he is getting his dues” said the saint carelessly
And god was happy with him no more

Repentant, he implored before the lord
Who gave him a dry branchlet
“You must beg from door to door”
“When it sprouts, your sins, I will forget”

The sage travelled the country in penance
In his hand, the dry offshoot held
He came upon a house at twilight
Where three hardened robbers dwelled

As he stayed the night, he retold
His saga of sinning with a single word
And how he was expiating his crime
Since god’s wrath, he had incurred

So powerfully touched were the three thieves
Upon listening to his tale of atonement
They began their hearty repentance
And the hermit slept, his heart in lesser torment

When they awoke at crack of dawn
The robbers saw that the hermit was no more
The dry shoot had grown three green twigs
That weren’t there the night before

As they sat beside him, stunned
In that moment, seemingly grim
It dawned on the reformed souls
That god had finally, truly pardoned him



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sneha says:

    very cute poem Malavika… looking forward to more of these ! 🙂

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