As a ghostwriter, I have written web articles, blogs, and content for websites of many businesses including real estate companies, interior decor and design enterprises, IT, health and travel websites and jewellery stores. A brief of all my ghostwriting projects is outlined below:

  • Travel-based articles for a well-known global travel website including destination pieces, travelling options across foreign countries, and details of airports and airlines across different cities of the world.

  • Real estate destination articles for an Indian real estate forum for various cities across India. Apart from price trends, the write-up contains general information about the region, neighbourhood information on social and other infrastructure and future development potential of the place.

  • Developed a newsletter for a leading social housing firm based in Mumbai, India.

  • A series of lifestyle and health-based articles on the link between the art of meditation and creativity, the undercurrents behind jealousy and schadenfreude, the development of language in the human brain and the concept of mental health nursing.

  • Two 30,000-word detailed travel e-books on New York City and Las Vegas.

  • A series of articles on incorporating the best aspects of traditional and contemporary decor for doing up home interiors.

  • Short product descriptions for electronic products and jewellery.